I started watching this show a few years back, when I signed up for Amazon Prime. It’s free to stream the first two seasons, and totally worth the price for the third (if you just can’t wait until it’s available on Prime!)

Why do I love this series?

First, it’s a period piece. I love most things set in the past, and especially if it’s in England. Poldark accomplishes both of those things!

The series begins just after the American Revolutionary War and Ross Poldark (Aiden Turner) has returned to the mining community of Cornwall after serving his country abroad. To his dismay, his first and only love has moved on and is engaged to his cousin. What’s more, his father has died and the estate (including the family mine) is in total disrepair.

The show follows Ross as he attempts to rebuild his life in light of these recent developments. Does he try to win his love back, risking the destruction of his relationship with his cousin? Does he move on and do the unexpected? What about his family’s failed mine? The community is suffering because this vital form of employment has all but dried up. Will Ross rise to the occasion, or fail his family, community, and self?

Poldark 1.jpg

The show evolves in massive ways in a short amount of time. The characters you need to love, you LOVE. The ones you are meant to “hate”, you want to bury, yourself.

Aesthetically, this show is stunning. The dreary and drab can be felt in the bones. The epic landscapes and coastal views linger long enough on the screen for one to practically smell the salt in the air.


Costuming is spot on in terms of grit and glamour. The poor really look poor. They wear the same clothes over and over again, and most don’t appear to have a drop of makeup on them (though that probably means they have TONS on). The wealthy appear believable for the time period. Even they sometimes wear the same gowns – it wasn’t the variety that seems to have mattered, but the quality. Demelza

I might be the only one like this, but when I latch on to a series (television or books), the season (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall) I watch it during plays an enormous part.

For example, I started watching Poldark in the Fall. It was cool and crisp out; I was either drinking a glass of wine or cup of tea, and the fireplace was almost definitely roaring. All of these ingredients made for a positively delightful viewing experience that has stuck with me. These memories tell me Poldark was awesome-sauce.

The downside is that I won’t watch Poldark unless it’s cold out! I know that’s ridiculous, but I absolutely abhor the heat and it basically ruins everything. I shall not let it ruin Poldark!

What are you waiting for? Go binge!




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