Mid Week Motivation

Hi there!

Congratulations – you’ve made it to Wednesday!

We all need a middle of the week bit of motivation, inspiration, something once in a while. God was good enough to provide me with mine over this past weekend! It’s carried me the past few days.

Here’s what happened…

This past Friday night, I had a work event which I wasn’t terribly looking forward to. Just wasn’t my ideal way of spending a Friday evening! Essentially, I had to be present at an Athletic event, as Director of Admissions for the school where I work. I had a table set up and basically just sat there in case anyone wanted to chat K3-12th grade education.

Guess what!

Someone did.

She was not at all what I expected, though! First off, she wasn’t a parent. In fact, the event was held on the campus of a local university, and she was doing what I was doing and representing admissions for the university!

We’ll call her Emma.

Emma came over to my table to introduce herself about an hour into the event. Super bubbly, but not at all in an annoying-ish way. Does that make sense? I could tell she was probably great at her job. Very engaging and easy to talk to. Students probably love her, too – she has an edgy style, and buzzed hair. Or so that’s what I thought at first glance.

Emma was so easy to talk to, that we quickly used up our admissions topics and began doing what girls are great at – personal talk.

It turns out that Emma has lived the past year with breast cancer.

This beautiful, vibrant young woman in her late twenties has been living with one of the biggest punches to the gut you can receive in a lifetime. Connecting the dots, her haircut may not have been totally voluntary.

Emma has finished with chemo, and is preparing to head into the last phase of treatment – radiation. They’re hopeful, and have given her a great prognosis.

I share this today, because my conversation with Emma was an enormous dose of perspective, and I think we can all use that once in a while.

So, take a moment, right now, and think about the blessings you may take for granted fairly regularly.

For me, I whine and complain about infertility, but goodness – I have a healthy, loving husband, a super cute and cozy home, and food of my choice on a daily basis. I also have the lightness that comes with living without a life threatening disease. That might be a little tough to truly appreciate, at first. But take a second to think what it would feel like to exist with that type of burden.

And Emma? Emma has chosen joy. Yes, she has rough and confusing days. But her walk with the Lord is sustaining her unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I was so incredibly encouraged by her story, and what she’s making of it.

Now, I’m a realist. When I say she’s had rough days – I’m talking ugly crying, depths of despair, angry days. We talked about those, too.

What I’m trying to describe is not this impossible version of a person, where “suffering well” means she never stumbles. It’s a person who feels pain deeply, and still trusts God. Emma has fear, but is learning to live with open hands.

Gosh, I feel like I’m not doing her justice.

I guess my hope in this post would be that, like me, you’re motivated to examine your life today, and to consider the lightness instead of the heaviness in your situation – whatever it may be.

And please know that neither I nor Emma are interested in ranking burdens. What has you struggling may not be life threatening, but if it’s a struggle you’re dealing with, it’s valid.

Alrighty – I’m gonna let you think now.

Thanks for reading!




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