Wearing: Fall//Winter Outfits

Fur Weather

Happy Monday!

Are you off of work today? I am and you can bet I’m lazy-ing it up!

I started exercising, increasing my water intake, oil pulling, and daily ACV this past week and I am BEAT!

I must say, though – I’ve already lost 3 pounds. This just proves to me that I was so off course over the holidays. My body basically wanted to get rid of that weight. Does that make sense?

Gotta prep my body for IVF in the next couple months!

Now, on to the outfit at hand…

I LOVE my faux fur vest. It happened to be absolutely freezing when we took these pictures, and my core, at least, was genuinely warm!

Lesson? Get yo faux fur on!


Vest: Amazon Top: Old (similar here) Pants: Topshop (similar here) Boots: Forever 21 Clutch: Thrifted (really cute alternative here) Bracelets: J Crew Factory and Thrifted (similar here) Earrings: Nordstrom



2 thoughts on “Fur Weather

  1. Haha thanks!! I hope I get the chance to dress a bump! I’ve held off looking at outfit ideas so that it’s a little reward 🙂 I’ve gotta say though, I think it would be so much fun to have a bump during summer! Just a wildly different look than I’ve ever experienced LOL!

  2. So so cute! I love this outfit! YAY for getting healthy! I seriously can’t wait until March. You’re gonna be so cute dressing your baby bump! 😀

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