Wearing: Fall//Winter Outfits

Winter Wonderland

Oh wow, it was absolutely magical this week.

Jess texted me at 11:30 the night before and said “if we wake up to a wonderland, we gotta get ready really fast so we can take some pics!” – and that we did.

I know that anyone who saw us might think we were silly, but I will always treasure these pictures as some of my favorite.

I must say – do what makes you happy! If freezing your tail off in the snow for some amazing pictures is too much for you, that’s okay. As for me and Jess? We couldn’t get enough of it!


snowday720180117_095543WhatsApp Image 2018-01-17 at 10.26.28 AMsnowday8a

I’m going to TOTALLY lazy out right now. Jess did a post on our time together, and put all the hard work into linking outfit details. Visit her awesome blog for those!



One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. haha, yep! If I hadn’t had kids to come in and take care of, we’d have been out there all day and got sooooo much content! But I LOVE what we did get!

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