Wearing: Summer-Fall Transition Outfits · Wearing: Winter-Spring Transition Outfits

Transitioning Seasons


So, whether I like it or not, it’s March. This means spring. Whoever decided on the dates for official season changes is weird – this is how it works:

December/January/February = Winter

March/April/May = Spring

June/July/August = Summer

September/October/November = Fall

This is not difficult. Is it the first of March? Then it’s spring. Is it the first of December? It’s winter. None of this middle of the month or season nonsense.


I do love winter. I love bundling, wearing soft neutrals and bold dark colors. I love hot drinks in front of the fire. Bliss!

Spring is fine. I’m not a perky, bright color person, though. I think I will forever blame this on being raised in pastel-crazy South Florida. Just ew.

I don’t think poorly of people who enjoy spring and summer. I’m happy for them. Someone needs to like it! And, I think it’s normal to enjoy sunshine and pools and such.

Don’t get me totally wrong – I do enjoy some of those activities, for a little while. My issue is that it tends to stay warm just a few months too long for me! I like a little dose, and then I’m TOTALLY over it.

With clothes, I enjoy the change of pace, and lighter layers, too. I just don’t crave them. Instead, I find things that make me smile, endure, and wait for the butterflies I always get when I can feel the air turning cool again.

And so, after rebelling, I will now acknowledge it is time to move on to bright colors. And I shall. After this post! Hehe

In fairness to me (am I allowed to say that?), this is a decent look for transitioning into warmer weather. It’s probably even more appropriate for transitioning into fall, but… IjustfoundthisruffleshirtandIwantedtowearitreallybad!

How do you like to work your way into spring? All at once? Or slowly incorporating it?


Top: Thrifted (similar) | Leggings: American Eagle (old, similar here) | Necklace: Similar | Purse: Kate Spade (similar) | Bracelets: Similar



2 thoughts on “Transitioning Seasons

  1. “December/January/February = Winter

    March/April/May = Spring

    June/July/August = Summer

    September/October/November = Fall”

    As creator of this timeline, I support this.

  2. I love these pictures! That shirt is the best.. it’ll be perfect for most seasons, really! Plus it has tiered ruffles, so how can you go wrong!? Happy March Spring! 😀

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