Wearing: Spring//Summer Outfits

Wedding Wear #2

I’m gonna be honest. I do not like these pictures at all!

Whatever. Can’t win them all!

If you aren’t a pink wearer, but have a dressier occasion coming up, might I suggest blue? There are so many shades to choose from, and one out there to flatter every skin tone!

This one is a Vince Camuto, which I thrifted-tags still attached!!!

Details later today!



3 thoughts on “Wedding Wear #2

  1. Whatever, these pictures are great. (As is the subject)

  2. Thank you! I don’t know. You know when you shoot an outfit and you barely get any usable photos? That’s how this felt. Like, these are not great, and they’re the best we got! I just decided to go with it, but I wish they were better!

    It was a great find, though. Couldn’t believe it!

  3. Why don’t you like these pictures? I think they’re pretty!! And I love the tree in the background!
    This dress is an amazing find! Very pretty lace!

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