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Blue Wrap

Happy Wednesday!

Husband is leaving to go out of town for a few days tomorrow, so I’m actually not looking forward to the weekend. Hate it when he’s gone! He gives me so much support with my injections, too, and I’ll miss him being present for those. Ugh.


As promised on Monday, I wanted to write a little about why I blog, and what my goal for readers is.

I started helping my friend Jess blog on her old platform about 2.5 years ago. Just rotating a post from me, a post from her. It was super fun! Of course, babies sometimes serve to bring things to a pause, and her sweetest boy was an excellent reason to slow blogging down.

After a number of months without it, though, I was starting to mull over the idea of starting my own blog. Not even for fashion purposes (at least, not exclusively). More for me to have an outlet, especially as we knew we’d be embarking on IVF, and it could be helpful to have a place to write about it.

So, toward the end of last summer, I decided to begin! It has served exactly the purpose I just described! I’ve so enjoyed having this little piece of my brain out there, and really loved meeting some of you in the IVF process, as a result.

When I started, I had quite a bit more topical variety. I was posting about books, food, house stuff, fashion. It was super fun! And, I still plan to discuss those things, just not as frequently. I just can’t stay away from outfit posts! I don’t know what it is. I just love the creativity that can come from putting things together, and I also love re-creating what others have come up with, too. It is one of the only areas of my life that I feel creative, and it just feels good to scroll through some of my posts. Does that make sense?

Now, I say all of this about fashion because I’m trying to lead into my goal for readers.

You’ll probably have noticed that I frequently link “similar” options to outfit pieces, rather than exact options. There are SO many reasons for this! Primarily, though, it is because I rarely get rid of clothes, and am always finding new ways to put them together. That means those items aren’t often currently on sale. However! My goal would be that they inspire you to create your own versions of those looks. You know?

The inspiration is my goal, for you. Yes, there are definitely occasions when the exact item is so fun to go and purchase, yourself. I totally get that. And, I try to have some of that on my blog. However, I do not want to be someone who is trapped by only wearing the newest and brand-iest (made that up) clothes. If I did that, I’d have almost nothing to post!

And thus concludes my post. I wanted to provide a little insight and hopefully answer that question, if you’ve had it. Thanks so much for reading!












Dress: Similar | Heels: Target (similar) | Bag: Kate Spade | Earrings: SUGARFIX by Baublebar



One thought on “Blue Wrap

  1. This dress is so perfect! I’m LOVING this exact style right now, and they’re hard to find. (especially in a different color than blue or pink, because everything I own is currently blue or pink! hahaha). I totally agree with styling items in your closet now, rather than buying everything new! It’s the most inspiring, I think!

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