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Over the Top!

Oh man you guys. This is the most over-the-top thing I’ve bought in a long time. Maybe ever. But I’m in love!

This is definitely not something I’ll be wearing often, but maybe for a date night or something. That’s not to say that husband is a fan. He much prefers simple and sleek, and these sleeves are anything but!

What’s the most “extra” thing you’ve purchased recently?

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I appreciate each of you so very much!

In other news!

Our embryo transfer is TOMORROW!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Oh my gosh, pray for us! We’re so excited, but very much hoping not to experience any crushing defeats (like the first time we tried transfer!).

How sweet is this – my husband got me some cute Baublebar earrings AND a diamond and pearl necklace for Mother’s Day! He said that I’m a mom because I have four babies (frozen, yes)! Ah, I’m married to my dream man. It doesn’t get better than him!


Bodysuit: Shein | Skirt: Target (Similar) | Heels: A New Day | Bag: Kate Spade (similar) | Earrings: Similar



12 thoughts on “Over the Top!

  1. Now the dreaded TWW but I’m so freaking happy it went off without a hitch!!
    Yes!! Last BCP this Saturday! Baseline is next Tuesday 🙌🏼

  2. Haha! Sorry, I’ve been resting because WE DID IT!!!! Successfully put back one, grade one, embryo! It went in without a hitch. The dilation procedure helped a ton! Ahhhh!!!

  3. So fun!! You know I’m a fan of those ruffles! The most extra thing I’ve bought lately is…. everything! hahaha
    I finally get to say that it’s TOMORROW!! Oh maaan! We can’t wait!!

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