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FET Update

You guys! It happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh!

Yesterday at 1:30, the doctor successfully transferred our darling grade 1 embryo. Now, even if only for a little while, I have a living person in my tummy. Wow!

Here’s how it went from the time we got there:

  • They welcomed us and, as you may know if you’ve been through this, there is already quite a report with everyone, so we had some laughs and cracked some jokes about the second time’s the charm!
  • The nurse had me sign some consents, then I asked my questions (can I eat this, what about doing that, etc.).
  • The doctor came in and showed us the picture of our embryo after being thawed. Then made me sign some more things.
  • I got to change into the gown, robe, and my lucky socks (thanks, Jess!).
  • Sean was taken to the waiting area, and I was walked back to the procedure suite.
  • Got on the bed, they covered my upper body with nice warm blankets (still joking with everyone as we all get in position).
  • Doctor got me stirruped, and began! They did it via ultrasound guidance, and it consisted of inserting a catheter as a mock trial, then the embryologist brought in the catheter with the actual embryo.
  • Doctor put the embryo where he wanted it, they gave the catheter back to the embryologist to check the embryo wasn’t still in it, and gave the thumbs up.
  • We ALL sighed for relief!
  • They took everything out of me, and let me get out of the stirrups, and then I laid in the room by myself for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, the doctor went and told Sean the good news.
  • My nurse came back in, let me go to the restroom (finally!!! You have to arrive with a full bladder. Bleh!), and then brought me to Sean.
  • Lastly, I got dressed again, and we got to go home!

All total, we were there for an hour – thirty minutes for prep and paperwork, fifteen for procedure, fifteen for cleanup and then leaving!

Oh my word, we are so very happy to have been able to make it to this point. It was such a shock the last time we tried, as it didn’t even cross our minds that transfer might not have occurred.

We know we aren’t in the clear until a positive blood test, and even then, it’ll be more types of waiting. I’m just so very thankful for the chance to go through this process. It’s about the journey, as well as the destination, right?

I totally meant to update about progesterone in oil (PIO) injections on Monday, and forgot!

So, lemme tell you all about it.

The needle is pretty big. My recommendation is to just not look at it. For us, it’s the same size as the one we used for our trigger shot.

I made a mistake for our first injection, and iced it WAY too long. About 10 minutes. Yes, it worked to keep it completely painless going in, but I think it created a “knot” of sorts, in my muscle. I think the oil probably solidified in there, and I was in quite a bit of pain by the end of the day!

To clarify: When I refer to pain, understand that it is muscle pain. It TRULY feels like I worked out too much. Think about it – it’s the muscle being beat up on. If you’ve over exercised your butt before, you already know what I’m talking about in terms of pain. It’s not comfy, but oh man it is not unbearable.

So, after learning that lesson, I limited the icing to about 2 minutes ahead of time. That’s REALLY helped to eliminate the extra soreness.

We also put a heating pad on the spot for about 10 minutes immediately after. Make sure to turn the heating pad on PRIOR to the injection, so it’s ready to go when it’s over.

For an awesome video on precise injection placement, click here. This has been our go-to, and she’s spot on!

After the first shot was out of the way, I was nervous that multiple shots on one side, over time, would start being terrible. However, I’ve now had three on my right side (rotate each day), and they don’t feel worse as it goes! Whew! So, fear not!

If you have any questions about IVF up until this point in the process, please feel free to message me. I’m MORE than happy to help!

Thanks so much for all of your support. It’s been so touching and encouraging!

Waiting to leave for the procedure. Torture! I had to pee SO badly!
Waiting to be brought back to the procedure room. Needing to use the bathroom even MORE! But soooo excited to get started!
Our baby! I think it looks like me, but Sean disagrees.
On the way home. IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



8 thoughts on “FET Update

  1. Honestly my cramping was pretty similar in all three of my rounds, and probably most intense in the first round which didn’t work. In my second round, in the first couple days I had this crazy lower back pain at night and I really thought that must be my pregnancy symptom… and it wasn’t. And in the third round that worked, I didn’t really have anything weird. I had the same cramping that I had the first two tries. The only different thing I can recall is that it seemed like my cramping stayed longer on the third round. I noticed cramps intermittently more often from 6 days past the transfer through 9 days after and in the rounds that didn’t work I stopped noticing the cramps after day 5. So all that to say it’s so hard to symptom spot cause I got pretty much the same symptoms in my rounds that didn’t work and the one that did. The TWW was without a doubt the MOST agonizing part of an IVF cycle so rest assured you’re not crazy or anything. It’s a tough time. BUT SO WORTH IT!! Sending all my positive energy right now and can’t wait to hear the good news!

  2. Did you feel different starting on a certain day? I’m 5dpt, and still normal. Occasionally it feels like a little bubbling/cramping/twinging. But really not much at all. It’s pretty early of course. Just curious when you started to feel different though!

  3. I would start getting anxious around 7 days after the transfer and breakdown on the 8th or 9th day past transfer to rip the band aid off. But my clinic did the official test day at 9 or 10 days after so it wasn’t as long of a wait for an official confirmation. 9 more days! You’ve got this 🙂

  4. Girl I don’t even know! We probably could on the 28th, the day before the test. That will be an entire 13 days past transfer. How long did you wait?!

  5. Amazing!!!!! Congrats. Do you think you’ll test before your official test day or hold out???

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