Wearing: Spring//Summer Outfits

Summer Vibes

Ooooh man, the heat is real, ya’ll. I am not a happy camper! Hair sticking to my neck, sweat on my back, melting makeup – no! What?! No! I could practically drool thinking about fall. It’s gonna be glorious.

Even with this cute little red top (Wal-Mart did it again!), I could NOT cool off. I’m thinking part of it is being preggers (. I’m hot everywhere, most of the time. However! I would WAAAAAAAAAY rather be toasty, if that means I’m having a baby! Whatever it takes!


Top: Wal-Mart Shorts: Target Sandals: Jack Rogers Clutch: Charming Charlie (similar) Sunglasses: Tory Burch Earrings: Baublebar (cute option here and here)

As for the rest of life – I’m still just floating around in the clouds after our announcement last week. I feel good, a tad tad taaaad bit of nausea and fatigue, and I’m hot ALLLLLL the time. Did I mention I’m always hot?! This combo is just grand when you accidentally get sunburned your first time to the pool this season. But alas, it was lovely. There were barely any people there, and a really nice breeze kept up for most of the morning.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Summer Vibes

  1. I hear you on the heat. It’s not too bad in Minnesota but i am hot at night all.the.time. It’s basically father of the bride part two in my house where I’m super hot and my husband is wearing a coat!

  2. I was JUST getting excited about Fall, to Ross! Literally the only good part of June and July is that they bring August, and football season, and through football season, I know Fall is coming. Clemson football games, hot tea, warm sweaters, crunchy leaves, halloween! Bring it on! I love this cute little outfit!! It’d be great for July 4th, too!!

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