My Story

Capture+_2017-07-27-09-25-20-1Without being obnoxiously detailed, here’s a little about me…

I’ve been told I’m full of surprises. My interests range from girly things like clothes and makeup, to human rights advocacy and Dungeons and Dragons. I can’t stand chick flicks, and prefer period pieces set in other countries. One of my favorite ways to relax is by throwing myself a solo tea party and reading a good book. That, or a bubble bath with some red wine, a candle, lavender essential oil, and…a good book.

My parents are amazing. My mom homeschooled me all my life and is my role model. If I could be like her in any (or every) way, then I could die happy. Is that morbid? As for dad, he’s also the greatest! I’m so thankful he worked so hard for all my life to let my mom and I share those unbelievable years together. I love that I inherited his quirky way of collecting ideas and experiences, pretending (seriously, even as an adult, I’m Hermione and he’s Indiana Jones…all the time), and attraction to all things England. Most important, though, is they gave me the gift of a stable, loving, Christian home.


As a young girl, I placed my faith in Jesus, and as a teenager, I really started owning it. Jesus is my Lord and the reason for all of my being. I’m stunned at His goodness and faithfulness, despite my ridiculously flighty and inconsistent nature.

My husband (Sean) is my first and only love. I met him when I was fifteen and we started dating when I was sixteen. Married when I was 20 (finally!) I am deeply grateful to have shared all of my firsts with him, and genuinely cannot imagine life without him. I’ve often shared with him that I met him as a “kid” and have entirely grown into my adult self with his influence – I would literally not be who I am today without the past 11 years spent with him.


The last five years of our marriage has seen us struggle with infertility. In March of 2017, we were able to get some answers, bittersweet as they were. I had my fallopian tubes removed because endometriosis jacked them up, but that gave us a plan moving to move forward – IVF! Guess what?



Our prayer is that we have the opportunity to meet this baby one day, and to share in the adventure that parenting is. For now, we are so truly thankful to be exactly where we are, and frankly a bit stunned the first IVF round worked!

In the meantime, we have the pleasure of parenting our puppy dog, Luna. I seriously care way too much for this dog. Not in the dress-her-up-daily kind of way. I just genuinely love this dog and her face, smell, personality. I love her snores at night which resemble a slumbering piglet. I love that she runs to me when I get home, but immediately runs away when I try to pick her up – cheeky thing. She’s seven years old, but will always be my Luna Bear and puppy dog.



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