All White for Summer

I'm totally pooped after this week! Not much new to report on the IVF front. Just waiting til Tuesday! No real symptoms (it would be way early for those), so I'm just binge watching "Making a Murderer" for the third time to keep my mind off things. Have you ever seen it? Do you think … Continue reading All White for Summer


#Extra Off Shoulder Bodysuit

I am so excited about all the ways to style this Shein bodysuit. I'm even more excited about the overall fit, and quality! For something under $15, I couldn't be happier! Now, bright, neon-ish colors are NOT my thing, usually. For this occasion, though, I think I'm okay with it. It's not my norm, but … Continue reading #Extra Off Shoulder Bodysuit

Asymmetrical + Pink

Good Monday to you! How did your weekend treat you? I maintained my "do very little of anything" streak, and continued laying around. We went to dinner at our friends' house on Saturday, and church on Sunday, though. So that's something! Can I just say that waiting for our blood test is more painful than … Continue reading Asymmetrical + Pink