Wearing: Spring//Summer Outfits

The Most Dreamy Top

Hello lovelies, How has your week treated you? I'm over here trying to relax so this embryo can get cozy. Been watching bunches of TV and movies, had an acupuncture appointment today. Have you ever tried acupuncture? Did it "work" for whatever reason you used it? It's SO expensive, and I'm trying to determine if… Continue reading The Most Dreamy Top

Wearing: Spring//Summer Outfits

Pink Pop

We made it to Friday! Husband is officially out of town until Monday, and I'm SUPER bummed. Bleh. I just want to sleep til Monday so he's here again. He's genuinely my other half. I don't work when he isn't around. Sigh. This little top always brightens my day, though. Hopefully the cheery color does… Continue reading Pink Pop