Blue Wrap

Happy Wednesday! Husband is leaving to go out of town for a few days tomorrow, so I'm actually not looking forward to the weekend. Hate it when he's gone! He gives me so much support with my injections, too, and I'll miss him being present for those. Ugh. Anyway! As promised on Monday, I wanted … Continue reading Blue Wrap



I need you to know that I am so very happy that tulle is coming back. This is one of the most feminine textures in existence, and no matter who is wearing it - I'm gonna smile. Right?! I love blush, and this skirt is no exception. Blush is such a sweet neutral, and can … Continue reading Tulle!

Flirty Sleeves

HI! I feel like it's been ages! This past week has been SO long. Hoping time begins to speed up a bit - we're starting our FET cycle tomorrow, with BCP's. Yay for something! Anyway! For now, here's a cheery outfit for these beautiful spring days. I hope the weather is cooperating for you and … Continue reading Flirty Sleeves